Hi, I'm Martins Joseph and I solve problems for a living.

Happy to have you here, please take your time to look through my portfolio and feel free to contact me should you love what you see.



I believe problems are already very hard to deal with, solutions shouldn't be harder.


I don't just build things. I execute projects in a very creative and business-oriented manner.


As an engineer, the two most important factors in my code are speed and memory usage.

A Quick Memo

Recently, I started my transitioning to system programming, specifically embedded systems. I am working on becoming an embedded software engineer within the next 3 years. I would love to work in industries like aviation, military and automobile.

I am currently expanding my knowledge in C language, after which I will switch to C++. My dream is to build awesome products that can make the world a smarter & safer place.

In regards to this, I have decided to write/document my progress as I journey from Full-stack development to Embedded engineering.

About Me

I am a certified software engineer whose standards are based on simplicity, creativity and efficiency.

I have a very serious knack for business development, sales and marketing psychology.

I value physical interactions and love to build deeper and meaningful relationships with people.

During my spare time, I play games, dance randomly to songs carefully selected (emo-rap, RnB, electronic) or take long walks around my neighbourhood.

Projects Completed



ClipThis is a progress mapping system that allows anyone create a visual representation of a study/system/work flow/operation.
  1. No monthly subscription, simply pay as you use.
  2. Visualize your imagination.
  3. Mark branches/sub-tree as complete as you progress.
  4. Invite members to your tree-map.
  5. Track team progress


I built a simple Google scraper that allows researchers and marketers generate leads from Google’s search results.
  1. Extract email and phone numbers in a webpage, even numbers hidden in the HTML element.
  2. Take a screenshot of the pages should the scraper have skipped an important data.
  3. Skip all dictionary webpages in the search result.
  4. Saves extracted result as a CSV file.
  5. Can navigate to next page until it gets to the last page user specified, though I set the max to 15 pages.


I built an Instagram scraper that allows researchers and marketers generate leads from Instagram pages in search results.

  1. Extract email and phone numbers, external links,  total followers, total following, total post, their image and bio.
  2. Ignore all location and hashtag results and go for just pages.
  3. Take a screenshot of the pages should the scraper have skipped an important data.
  4. Saves extracted result as a CSV file.


I built a simple plugin that allows anyone integrate Flutterwave’s Rave payment page into their react-native project.
Why this plugin?

I already wrote about the why here and if you click here, you will be able to find documentations on how it works.

REMOTE INTERNSHIP (backend developer):

Atlas Creative Consultancy – Victoria Island, Lagos, NG
May 2018 to September 2018
  1. I developed the backend-system for Revity, a project management system using Node.js and Express.js.
  2. I developed some web APIs that analyses GeoJSON data for a product called MapAtlas, a territorial intelligence system using Node.js.
  3. Built the interfacing system between MapAtlas APIs and our user. Our client system was built using Vue.js.

BACK END DEVELOPER (contract staff):

EazyHire – Lagos, NG
July 2018 to January 2019
  1. I developed the back-end system that powers the administrative interface, and user dashboard. I built this using PHP -> Laravel.
  2. I also helped out the team that worked on the user interface for the administrative system.

BACK-END DEVELOPER (contract staff):

AgroAlala (Mechanised Farming Organization) – Apo, Abuja.
April 2019 to May 2019.
My mission was to build a staff management system that the administrative units can use to track their field works and get live updates as progress is made.

  1. I was tasked with the writing of the web APIs that would power this real-time tool. I worked extensively with Google location, Google places and socket connections.
  2. I built this tool to run with MongoDB on the database.
  3. I also integrated Firebase cloud messaging for handling in-app chat between the administrative units and the field workers.
  4. I hosted this system on a DigitalOcean droplet and configured it to work on an Nginx server. 


Imaxinacion – Surulere, Lagos, NG
July 2019 to December 2020
I came in to join the team in handling the front-end engineering part of their projects.
Some of the significant projects I worked on were:
ANSSID (Anambra state identification management system):
  1. I Integrated Interswitch payment gateway for settlement of bills.
  2. I worked on the self-service portal (which was later decommissioned due to change in project scope).
  3. I worked on the page that allowed users look-up their ID and fetch details they needed.
ANSCIMS (Anambra state central information management system):
  1. I optimised, fixed bugs and completed the inner parts of the admin-system using Vue.js framework and Nuxt (which I cannot declare due to the fact that this is a gov related project).

FRONT END DEVELOPER (mobile & web):

StockFare (Inventory management system) – Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
October 2019 to May 2020
I was tasked to develop a mobile MVP before the 1st of November against an upcoming trade fair.
I later went on to complete the product to what it currently is.
I built the mobile app that ran on Android using React native, I worked with:
  1. RealmDB for storing and retrieving data from the device in real-time
  2. I implemented firebase for fetching updates and populating my database with the extracted data
  3. I also implemented firebase for rendering notification.
  4. I implemented barcode scanning, and payment integrations
  5. I also worked on converting our inventory feature to work offline so our customers can get a better user experience.

BACK END DEVELOPER (contract-staff):

MonkeyMusicApp (Event/Music entertainment) – England, United Kingdom.
October 2020 to Present
MonkeyMusic App is an entertainment software where people can attend events/parties and make music/shoutout requests to the event managers/DJ.
Technology Used:
  1. Flask framework (python).
  2. Spotify APIs
  3. Firebase Realtime-DB
  4. SMTP
  5. MongoDB
  6. JSON

My Skill-Sets


I am experienced in the development of web applications using vanilla JS, JQuery, VueJs and ReactJs. I am also very proficient in the use of React native, Nativescript, Electron and NodeJS.


I use python for activities ranging from the writing of web applications/APIs using the Flask framework, to the building of web-scrapers using selenium and beautiful-soup.


I make use of Kotlin for the development of Android and server applications. Kotlin is interoperable with Java which means I can apply Kotlin on almost any existing Java codebase.


I am very good in the use of Non-SQL databases like Realm (mobile database), and MongoDB. I can also work with SQL databases like MySQL and a little of MS-SQL.


I have a solid understanding of WordPress and can use it to build applications ranging from simple to semi-complex websites.

Embedded Systems

I am learning to work with 32bit micro-controllers using C language. I base on bare-metal systems, RTOS and partial IoT systems.

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